Cat Quest, a new RPG starring cats that will soon reach our smartphones

Mobile phone games have already reached such a market share that many new launches of new cross-platform titles from the very beginning include versions of mobile games for this type of device. This is the case of Cat Quest , a new role-playing game that already has confirmed departure date.

The game, Cat Quest Android APK created by PQube and The Gentlebros, will be released for Android, PC on Steam next August 8, 2017 and just two days later, on the 10th, we can find it available for iOS in the App Store , months before it even reaches PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch. But what does this graphic adventure have for us?

War Cats

This new open world RPG features an adorable warrior cat, and according to its own creators, is inspired in form and mode of exploration in classics like The Legend of Zelda or The Witcher 3 . The game offers an epic world in which Spirry, the protagonist cat, will have to raid up to 50 dungeons and complete 60 missions to save his sister and the world of Felingard from the evil Drakoth.

As we see, the concept of the game represents that of classic role-playing games including a system of character evolution and its equipment . As for its availability, as we said, two days after its release on Steam we can enjoy this hairy adventure on iOS devices. In the case of Android , its creators have confirmed their availability, although we know the specific date.