Supercell Introduces New Attractive Game “Brawl Stars” for Android & IOS

The developer of two of the most popular mobile games, Supercell, who led us Clash of Clans and the latest Clash Royal by-product, decided to surprise us with the announcement of a new version of the Brawl Stars Android Apk game for Android and IOS Devices. The multiplayer game cartoonic artistic style is an engaging shooter shooter in which players fight against other opponents in another low mode to collect crystals and sweep their opponents.

The free game, Brawl Stars, was previously leaked on a video on YouTube, where we saw the members of the development team playing Star Fight with some stars of YouTube “playing”. The game was clearly a multiplayer player in which the player chooses between different characters, each character has his own special skills and attacks and joins his players in the matches.

If we label the game, I would say that it comes from the world of MOBA, where games like League of Legends and DOTA popularized the heroic struggle of years. Players can get upgrades after their matches and can get their habit of getting skin.

Like all other MOBA games, Brawl Stars has four major game modes. The first is Bounty, where who collects the maximum crystal is the winner of the team. The second is Smash & Grab, where are the crystals in the middle of the card and the team has to collect them. The first team to collect and conserve 10 Crystal victories.

Another interesting feature is Heist, where the teams must defend or attack a safe with valuable booty and last but not least, the Showdown mode, where a team of 10 players is fighting on a card that minute, the last sign Stay alive and win the match.

So far the game is exciting and full of action that will make you hours in front of him.

In addition, the transmission of video game means that the images were a pre-beta adjustment of the game, so fashion, additional features of illustrations and changes can take place before the full version. The launch of soft soft launch in Canada before being broadcast all over the world, but the release date has not yet been announced.

We do not know much about the game, but Supercell has an enviable position as one of the very small mobile developers not only for games but also for recognition of the authentic name as a company.

Yu Gi Oh Duel Links: Pick Your Best Monster and Get a Duel on Your Phone

Now you can visit the Duel Arena, just watch and make your own duel legend between Yugi and Kaiba in YuGiOh! Duel Links. Previously we have provided information that Yu Gi Oh! Duel Links has been released at the end of 2016. However, precisely the Konami released their popular card game duel on January 6th, 2016 for Android and iOS users around the world. So we are also able to enjoy this cool card game on right now.

Image result for Yu Gi Oh Duel Links

For the game itself, YuGiOh! Duel Links features an epic battle theme of the Duel Monster cards that we are already familiar through its anime and manga. Many characters from the original series appear, including Yugi and Kaiba. Each of the characters will also be filled with the original voice of anime Yu Gi Oh!

At the beginning of the game, the player will choose which character they would use. Yugi is a character who uses the deck of Spellcaster, Fiend, and Dark Monster with Dark Magician as the strongest card in the beginning. While Kaiba uses a mixed deck with Blue Eyes White Dragon as the strongest card. Although players choose Yugi or Kaiba decks, they can still add and complete their character and decks in line with the adventure which has been running. In addition, players can also add more complement to other playable characters such as Joey Wheeler, Tea Gardner, Mai Valentine, and other memorable characters. Each of them also has a different deck.

Each playable character you can choose and play in turn. All these characters have their own level. Each time you increase the level, there will be a special gift that you can get. Some of the prizes consist of exclusive cards, slot decks, skills, and also Gems.

To increase the level, you have to collect enough EXP. Well, you can get EXP by challenging the other Duelist who appears in Duel World. Every few minutes they will appear to challenge you. By defeating them, you will also get some other prizes like Gold, cards, and elemental stones.

Players can freely set their own decks. To get a new card, the player can increase the character level, get a new character, defeat Duelist, buy a booster pack with Gem, to redeem Gold and element stone with Card Trader. The gem itself becomes the most valuable exchange tool in this game. You can get Gems and Coins by doing Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack with completing quizzes, finding secrets in Duel World, increasing levels, and buying them using real money. Interesting right? It's time to duel!